About The OWNER

Sweet DreamZ Haunted House was established in 2022. However Gregg has always loved being creative in many different ways. From building creative elaborate forts as a child to building his own haunted house today. He loves the variety of art skills required to put a haunted attraction together. From the set design and building to creating the special effects and special effects makeup and acting. The possibilities are limited only by the imagination. Something Gregg has an overabundance of. His biggest reward is when customers, or guests as he calls them, are wowed and sometimes run screaming away. Screaming with lite of course

Gregg has over 20 year’s experience in the haunted attraction business. Starting out in the haunted attraction business already as a trained veteran actor and stuntman he has performed at both acting and various stunts for 3 of the top ten haunted houses in Illinois. 

About The Business

Gregg's training includes formal classroom and private acting lessons at the top rated acting schools in Chicago including the well-known Act 1 Studios, Second City and Players Workshop. His training there includes acting for film and theater, Improv Acting and Improv Comedy. Gregg also spent six years with the Chicago Stunt Team where he was the assistant instructor. A former amateur boxer Gregg taught stunt fighting and performed many other stunts including highfalls and fire burns. He performed a reenactment of the famous Flaming Jack Turner. This was a high dive into Lake Michigan on fire for the grand reopening of Navy Pier in Chicago.

The plan is to bring these skills into the Sweet DreamZ Haunted House attraction and set it apart from the rest of the haunts and other entertainment venues in north Alabama. We plan to capture your attention and amaze you with Hollywood style effects. To exceed your expectations of entertainment while scaring the hell out of you :)
Come experience Sweet DreamZ Haunted House for yourself… if you DARE! 

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