Sweet Dreams Haunted House Joppa Alabama

Located on the original Property
of Ida's Ghost

The Scariest Haunted House
in North ALabama

Phone: 773-469-8719
16127 Highway 69 Joppa Alabama 35087

Sweet DreamZ
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Sweet DreamZ Haunted House

One of the Scariest Adventures in North Alabama

Ida and her man are no more! They are now haunting the very grounds that they grew up on. They bring a message of fear to all visitors! Watch for apparitions of Ida as you make it through some of the scariest adventures we have put together. And see if you can get a photo of her as she lurks about.

Sweet Dreamz Haunted House
!!Sweet DreamZ is an Extreme Haunt!!

Sweet DreamZ Haunted House

A True Fear Factor!

At Sweet DreamZ Haunted House our goal is a simple one: Produce the highest quality haunt experience available.

We utilize sets worthy of Broadway production, professional actors, and special effects to produce a theatrical experience unlike any other.

This is already being nominated as one of the best Haunted Houses in Marshall County.

Sweet Dreams Haunted House
Seriously SCARY
Halloween Haunted House
SweetDreams Haunted House

Sweet DreamZ Haunted House

Behind the Scenes

Gregg and Jack discussing safety issues within the haunted house itself. But strange things keep happening from the existing ghosts.

Sweet DreamZ Haunted House

House of Freddie

???One, two, Freddy's coming for you. / Three, four, better lock your door. / Five, six, grab your crucifix. / Seven, eight, gonna stay up late. / Nine, ten, never sleep again.

Sweet Dreams Haunted House
The Best
Halloween Haunted House
FUN in the Area


Read all warning signs before you continue.

DO NOT ATTEND the Sweet DreamZ Haunted House if you currently have Flu-Like Symptoms or Fever.


Attraction uses: Strobe Lights, Intense Sound & Lighting FX, Low Lighting, Moving Floors, Sudden Movements, Physically Demanding Environment.

DO NOT ENTER if you suffer from Asthma, Heart Conditions, Prone to Seizures, Broken Bones, Neck or Back Injuries, Respiratory Conditions, Recent or Current fever or Flu-Like Symptoms, Pregnant, or Mental Health Issues.

DO NOT ENTER attraction if you have consumed alcohol, drugs, medication, waring casts, braces, or need to use a crutch.

DO NOT ENTER if you are not physically fit and able to walk long distances over rough terrain.


Please wash hands or use sanitizer before and after experience.

You must wear shoes. No high heels. No costumes.


Parents/Guardians accept full responsibility for their minor children by allowing them to attend this attraction to which all the above verbiage applies.

Your ticket is a revocable license and may be taken and admission refused to anyone for any reason. Holder of ticket understands that their inherent risk involved with attending this attraction. Holder voluntarily assumes all risks and dangers associated with participation in this attraction. In consideration and acceptance of entrance into this attraction holder agrees to release the operator, it???s parent corporations, affiliates, offices, directors, employees, and landlord from any liability, harm, injury or death, cost or expense whatsoever that may arise directly or indirectly from attending the attraction at this location. 

Sweet DreamZ Haunted House

About the Property

The Ghost of Ida Williams in downtown Joppa Alabama
This property was originally bequeathed to the Williams in 1822, in the hope that the children would continue the Cotton Gin business. Working as a family, this business grew until the 1940's, when the great depression hit. David Williams had a garden on the property, and with the passing of his wife, left only him and his children to tend to it.

The small community of Joppa Alabama got together to help out Mr. Williams. The church, school and other businesses in the area offered a share-crop idea. If they worked on it, they could eat from it. This made David a local hero of sorts, as he helped the community by feeding those families in need during times when all Americans struggled.

Mr. Williams???s daughter was set to be married to a local dairy farmer named Patterson with lots of potential. But Ida wasn???t interested in this man. He was too old, too grumpy, and, in her words, had a backward way of thinking.

If Ida were to marry this man, their two families would share in the property, the cattle, and the financing. This would have made the Williams worth more than they had ever been. But even with all of that wealth, she had it in her mind that she wasn???t having anything to do with it.

Ida was bound and determined to get married to her best friend and longtime love, Bill Knight.
Bill was an eager young man and didn???t have that much to offer in the way of money. But offered her attention, and that was more than most of the cohorts her father was introducing her to.

Legend has it that Ida met-up with Bill one evening in the apple orchard, where the two of them were caught by the local dairy farmer. The two lovers never saw Patterson walk up on them. With one shot, he killed Ida instantly, and Bill Knight soon fell dead next to her. The spot where she fell has never been able to grow anything since, and locals say that you can still see her walking around.

This property has been home to many businesses since then, all of which have described strange occurrences almost daily.

Eventually, this property would be used for businesses such as Minor Nursery, Landscaping, and many more, but none seemed to want to stay. During its time as a nursery, people would often see plants and trees moved overnight or see a woman crossing the field of greens and disappearing. One area in particular, and we know what area that is, the dirt, would never be fertile enough to grow plants. Workers tried digging the area out and dumping fresh dirt, but to no avail. Nothing they did seemed to help. This area would eventually be made part of a parking lot.

Later, this property would be sold to a building contractor, and he would shrink the parking lot by erecting a building over the place. Not knowing the history of the property, he simply continued as if nothing was wrong. But the lore continued as strange happenings caused concern for him and his employees, and seemed even worse at night.

Leaving at sundown, these strange events never bothered him much. Although on crunch jobs where long hours were required, he would eventually learn that no one was ever safe in the building at night.
Everything from random falling planks to strange appearances that looked like a young woman have been seen.

What better way to show reverence to Mr. Williams???s daughter, Ida, than to let the public come and witness her disturbances.
May she rest in Peace???Or not! 

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Sweet Dreams Haunted House Ghost of Ida Williams
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