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Sweet DreamZ Haunted House

One of the Scariest Adventures in North Alabama

Ida and her beloved are no longer among the living, but their spirits endure, haunting the very grounds that once nurtured their lives. Prepare yourself for a chilling encounter as they deliver a haunting message to all who dare to visit!

Keep a vigilant eye out for spectral apparitions of Ida as you navigate through the spine-tingling adventures we have meticulously crafted. And for those brave enough, attempt to capture a chilling photograph of her elusive presence as she lurks in the shadows, a haunting reminder of the past that refuses to rest in peace.

Sweet Dreamz Haunted House
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SweetDreams Haunted House

Sweet DreamZ Haunted House

Behind the Scenes

Gregg and Jack discussing safety issues within the haunted house itself. But strange things keep happening from the existing ghosts.

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16125 AL-69
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About The Owner

Sweet DreamZ Haunted House was founded in 2022, but Gregg has always had a passion for creativity. His journey began with constructing intricate forts as a child and has evolved into crafting his own haunted houses today. What truly excites him about haunted attractions is the diverse range of artistic skills they demand. This includes everything from designing and building sets to crafting special effects, special effects makeup, and performing as an actor. The only limit to what can be achieved is one's imagination, and Gregg has an abundance of it. His greatest satisfaction comes when customers, whom he affectionately calls "guests," are astounded and sometimes even flee in terror (albeit with a hint of humor).

Gregg brings over 20 years of experience to the haunted attraction industry. He started as a seasoned actor and stuntman, having lent his talents to three of Illinois's top ten haunted houses, performing both acting and various stunts.

About The Business

Gregg's extensive training encompasses a blend of formal classroom education and private lessons at some of Chicago's most prestigious acting institutions. These include renowned establishments like Act 1 Studios, Second City, and Players Workshop. His coursework covered a wide spectrum, including acting for both film and theater, Improv Acting, and Improv Comedy.

In addition to his acting training, Gregg devoted six years to the Chicago Stunt Team, where he served as the assistant instructor. As a former amateur boxer, he specialized in teaching stunt fighting techniques and executing a variety of daring stunts, including high falls and fire burns. Notably, he even performed a thrilling reenactment of the famous Flaming Jack Turner, involving a fiery high dive into Lake Michigan for the grand reopening of Navy Pier in Chicago.

With these formidable skills in tow, the goal is to infuse Sweet DreamZ Haunted House with a unique and unforgettable experience that sets it apart from other haunts and entertainment venues in North Alabama. The aim is to captivate and astonish visitors with Hollywood-style special effects, exceeding their expectations for entertainment while delivering spine-tingling scares.

Come and experience Sweet DreamZ Haunted House for yourself, if you dare! 

Sweet DreamZ Haunted House

About the Property

**The Haunting of Ida Williams: A Sinister Tale in Downtown Joppa, Alabama**

In the heart of downtown Joppa, Alabama, lies a property shrouded in a chilling history, one that intertwines with the sinister legend of Ida Williams. This dark narrative begins in 1822 when the Williams family inherited the land with high hopes of carrying on their thriving Cotton Gin business.

For generations, the Williams family toiled together, cultivating their enterprise until the 1940s when the grip of the Great Depression brought it to its knees. Left with nothing but the memories of his late wife and a sprawling garden, David Williams found himself solely responsible for the property.

It was then that the close-knit community of Joppa rallied behind Mr. Williams. The church, school, and neighboring businesses proposed a unique arrangement: a share-crop system. In exchange for their labor, families could share in the bounty of the land. David Williams became a local hero, providing sustenance to those in dire need during a time when the entire nation grappled with hardship.

However, within this tale of unity and survival, a shadowy subplot unfolds. Ida Williams, David's daughter, was betrothed to a local dairy farmer named Patterson, a man with ample resources and potential. Yet, Ida harbored no affection for him. He was too old, too dour, and, in her eyes, hopelessly outdated.

Even as this union promised unimaginable wealth for the Williams family—prosperity that would surpass their wildest dreams—Ida remained resolute in her determination to marry her beloved, Bill Knight.

Bill, a young and earnest man, possessed little in terms of material wealth. However, he offered something far more precious: unwavering devotion. It was a commodity that outshone any financial dowry presented by the other suitors her father introduced.

Legend has it that Ida and Bill conspired in secret, meeting one fateful evening in the shadow of the apple orchard. Unbeknownst to them, Patterson, the enigmatic dairy farmer, stumbled upon their clandestine rendezvous. In a single, vengeful act, he ended Ida's life with a gunshot, and Bill Knight fell beside her, lifeless. The very ground where Ida met her tragic end has remained barren, incapable of sustaining life since that fateful night. Locals whisper that her restless spirit still roams the property.

Over the years, this land has seen many enterprises come and go, each plagued by eerie occurrences that defy explanation. During its stint as a nursery, plants and trees were inexplicably rearranged overnight, and the specter of a woman wandering through the fields would vanish without a trace. A specific patch of earth, cursed by Ida's presence, defied all attempts at cultivation and eventually became a parking lot.

The property changed hands, falling into the possession of a building contractor who remained oblivious to its harrowing history. Unfazed by the supernatural stories, he carried on with his projects, often working long hours into the night. However, as the sun dipped below the horizon, a sinister undercurrent of inexplicable events would stir.

For those who dared to remain after sundown, terror awaited. From planks plummeting from nowhere to the spectral figure of a young woman, unsettling occurrences became the norm. It was as though the malevolent spirit of Ida Williams had staked her claim, haunting the property and all who entered.

In a strange twist of fate, the building contractor saw an opportunity to embrace the legend. He decided to open the property to the public, allowing them to bear witness to the disturbances that refused to fade into the night. It was his way of paying homage to Mr. Williams's daughter, Ida, ensuring that her restless spirit would never rest in peace.

May she rest in peace... or not!

~Sweet Dreamz Haunted House - Best in Marshall County

Sweet Dreams Haunted House Family of Ida WIlliams
Sweet Dreams Haunted House Ghost of Ida Williams
Sweet Dreams Haunted House Old Man Paterson


Read all warning signs before you continue.

**Important Notice for Sweet DreamZ Haunted House Attendees**

Your safety is our top priority at Sweet DreamZ Haunted House in Joppa, Alabama. We want to make sure everyone can enjoy their visit while staying safe and healthy. Please read the following guidelines carefully:

1. **Health Considerations:** If you currently have flu-like symptoms or a fever, we kindly request that you refrain from attending our attraction. Your well-being and the well-being of others are of utmost importance.

2. **Admission Policy:** We reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone for any reason. We aim to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all visitors.

3. **Attraction Details:** Our attraction features various elements, including strobe lights, intense sound and lighting effects, low lighting, moving floors, sudden movements, and a physically demanding environment.

4. **Health Conditions:** For your safety, please do not enter our attraction if you have asthma, heart conditions, are prone to seizures, have broken bones, neck or back injuries, respiratory conditions, recent or current fever or flu-like symptoms, are pregnant, or have mental health issues.

5. **Substances and Mobility:** We kindly ask that you do not enter the attraction if you have consumed alcohol, drugs, medication, if you are wearing casts, braces, or require the use of a crutch. Additionally, if you are not physically fit and able to walk long distances over rough terrain, it's best to reconsider your visit.

6. **House Rules:** Smoking and vaping are strictly prohibited, as are weapons and running within the attraction. Your cooperation is appreciated to maintain a safe environment.

7. **Hygiene:** To ensure cleanliness and safety, please wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before and after your experience.

8. **Attire:** We require all visitors to wear shoes (no high heels) and discourage costumes for safety reasons.

9. **No Refunds:** Please be aware that there are no refunds for tickets purchased. By entering, you accept the inherent risks associated with the attraction.

10. **Parents/Guardians Responsibility:** Parents and guardians are responsible for their minor children and should consider the above guidelines when allowing them to attend.

11. **Ticket Policy:** Your ticket is a revocable license, and we may refuse admission to anyone. By holding a ticket, you understand and voluntarily assume any risks associated with the attraction.

By attending Sweet DreamZ Haunted House, you agree to release the operator, its parent corporations, affiliates, officers, directors, employees, and landlord from any liability, harm, injury, or cost that may arise from your participation.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in making Sweet DreamZ Haunted House a safe and enjoyable experience for all visitors.

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